Advantages and Uses of Bennett Foam International

p2 300x199 Advantages and Uses of Bennett Foam InternationalBennett Foam International has many advantages over other types of traditional insulation. With a higher R Value (thermal resistance, indicating the resistance to heat flow) than most standard insulation products.It allows very little permeation of air and water vapors therefore it will not mildew or attract other types of fungus.

For construction projects it is best to use a professional installer with the proper training and special tools for mixing. Metering and spraying so that you get the best density for your project.It is an excellent barrier to air and water, keeping heating and cooling inside and moisture out. If you are working towards going green this product offers energy efficiency with no ozone depleting chemicals or formaldehyde.Using this type of insulation also protects against thermal bridging. Thermal bridging occurs when materials that are poor insulators allow heating or cooling to escape. The unique spray application allows the insulator to be sprayed directly on surfaces that can conduct thermal bridging.

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