Foam Density, Weight and Firmness: Understanding These Terms

p3 Foam Density, Weight and Firmness: Understanding These TermsIn the world of business, words and phrases are frequently re-defined for a specific purpose. This can unintentionally confuse those not aware of an industry’s terminology, simply because of the contrast between a traditional definition and its tailored use. Compared to some industries, foam is fairly straightforward with its verbiage and descriptors. However, there are still a few uniquely used terms that are important to understand when purchasing a foam product.

If you were to tell an individual that foam has density, weight and firmness characteristics, he or she would most likely understand, given that all three are fairly common terms. However, one of the greatest misconceptions in the world of foam is how interrelated these characteristics are. It would seem, that using a traditional idea of the term, the density or weight of a material would go hand-in-hand with its firmness, and vice versa. In general parlance, this would likely be correct, but in terms of foam products, density and firmness are independent of each other and should be viewed as two separate attributes for evaluating a product.

While not quite misunderstood, foam density is often “over-applied.” On a basic level, the density of foam is defined the same way as any other application of the word. In general terms, as well as in relation to foam, density is the quantity or mass of a material per a measurable size or volume. The method for determining the density of foam is by simply weighing a 1 cubic foot block of the material.

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